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KXAN News Graphics

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I wrote the book on KXAN's News Graphics

In my role as lead artist, I worked with the Marketing and News Directors to update our news style guide. I removed old graphics, added new graphics, clarified points made in the previous style guide, and added an AXIS user guide to help producers navigate our workflow software. I then laid everything out in Adobe InDesign and published it both as printed copies and as an easy-to-search PDF to our document share and presented it to the news department.

Media General Circle of Excellence

Media General Circle of Excellence Member

Circle of Excellence is regarded as Media General’s highest honor, comprised of an elite group of employees who have demonstrated the ability to go above-and-beyond every day, inspire others, and drive MEG to be an industry-leading media company.

In 2014, I was peer-nominated and selected to represent KXAN on the annual Circle of Excellence trip to Cancún, Mexico, where I had the opportunity to connect and network with other Circle of Excellence winners from across the country.